King’s Cross
Light Tunnel


From Granary Square (Location 1) walk towards St Pancras Station along King’s Boulevard. Keep a look out on your right for the accessible lifts or escalator, so you can visit the stunning Light Tunnel.

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“Star Cells Trio”

Inspired by the incredible work at The Patani Lab, this abstract interpretation of cell behaviour ultimately leads to the break down or degeneration of a motor neurone. The beautiful and harmonious biochemical exchanges are disrupted as the astrocytes or STAR CELLS go rogue when new messages are created in the cells and they inflict a detrimental effect on neighbouring motor neurones, either through withdrawing their support or direct injury (or both). The dance looks at the possibility that sticky proteins clog inside the cell thereby preventing healthy functioning.

Research into STAR CELLS happening inside The Francis Crick Institute opens new therapeutic avenues for treating MND and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Performance Credits

Choreography – Anne-Marie Smalldon and the dancers
Costumes – Mike Lees
Dancers – Chloe Mead, Spike King & Vince Virr
Music – George Blake including excerpts of electronic compositions made using a virtual modular synthesiser

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