The Francis Crick Institute


From Kings Cross Light Tunnel (Location 2), come back up to ground level and walk towards Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations. Stop at the giant “birdcage” in Battle Bridge Place, ideal for a selfie or dance improvisation! Then cross safely over the road into the back of the lower concourse of St Pancras International.

If you walk all the way through to the other side, you will discover the world class Francis Crick Institute. Please ensure road safety if you cross this busy road.

Enjoy the fantastic architecture including the impressive Paradigm Sculpture. You can find more information on their website, here.

“Meet Ricki Patani & The Patani Lab Team”

Watch our short film that takes you inside the celebrated Francis Crick Institute and meet Ambassador of Clinical Medicine Ricki Patani & PhD student Doaa Taha at The Patani Lab.

Professor Rickie Patani is a physician scientist with over a decade of direct experience working on human induced pluripotent stem cell models of neurodegeneration.

We think this film will inspire future scientists and we look forward to working with many young people in Star Cells 2022.

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