The Pianos in the Arcade


From The Crick Institute (Location 3),- take a very short walk back into the lower level of St Pancras Station. Please ensure safety when crossing.

Turn right and walk through The Arcade with its many shops and if you are lucky, you may find someone playing one of the pianos in this charming station.

Take a moment to watch our 4th short film.

“Flex Some Muscle”

Starring Jeffrey Felicisimo

Flex Some Muscle, starring Jeffrey Felicisimo, was directed by Anne-Marie Smalldon, filmography by Luke Toddfrey and choreographed by Jeffrey himself.

You’ll meet a talented young man who demonstrates his dance skills, finely tuned muscles and movement in this engaging short dance film that ultimately leads him to hit a wall, representing the onset of MND stopping him from moving.

The film is inspired by scientist Dr Emma Hodson-Tole, who you’ll meet soon in Location 5. Her incredible research into how our muscles and nerve systems work has inspired this piece and will be used to create work with a large group of young Sixth Form dancers and scientists in 2022.

Performance Credits

Choreography and performed by – Jeffrey Felicisimo
Director – Anne-Marie Smalldon
Film created by – Luke Toddfrey
Styling – Mike Lees
Music – Brother by Matt Corby

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