The Grand Terrace


From The Renaissance Hotel (Location 5), head back inside and take a seat, as we’d like to introduce someone really special. You can find a seat underneath the breath-taking roof of St Pancras Station or have a drink.

Our favourite St Pancras pub is the charming Betjeman Arms. Book a table here.

“I Can Show People They Need To Start Living!”

Inspired by Lucy Lintott

This dance has been inspired by a one-of-a-kind lady.  Lucy Lintott is one of the most inspiring, resilient & friendly people you are likely to meet with THE best laugh.  Read more about Lucy’s story on her website below, and watch her videos and posts on social media.

Since being diagnosed with MND aged just 19 years old, Lucy has campaigned tirelessly for MND Scotland and is currently completing her second documentary for the BBC. Lucy is also looking forward to planning an exciting wedding as soon as the pandemic allows.

To make this dance, we were inspired by comments in one of her video posts where she talked about finding herself again, coming back to feeling like Lucy.  The dancers used her wonderful comments, featured below, to make the dance.  We know Lucy loves red so this one’s for you Lucy.

We hope you like it xx

  • “Laugh everyday, show the people around you love them”

  • “Sometimes I need to fall because I want to be independent, but to do that sometimes I need to fall”

  • “I kind of wish it had never happened but when I look at what I’ve done in the last year…!!!”

  • “I can show people that they need to start living, I want to impact and inspire people”

    We hope this digital dance experience has provided food-for-thought for our visitors with regards to the research into the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

    The Motor Neurone Disease Association have local branches run by volunteers in both North London and North West London, who not only do great work in supporting people affected by MND, but are also involved in fundraising events to continue being able to offer these services.

    Please take a moment to consider donating directly to their Just Giving page, quoting STAR CELLS, using the Donate button below!

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